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Elm Creek student finds passion in eSports

By Ben Brady – Local 4 Hastings

Elm Creek, Neb (KSNB) – Christopher Bayley was born with cerebral palsy. Unable to play popular sports due to his limited mobility, Bayley turned to eSports to fuel his competitive fire.

“I just have to win,” Bayley said.”A drive to win.”

“Seeing him growing up with his disability and stuff like that, from time to time it bothers him,” Chris’ father Eric Bayley said. “For the most part he tries to live his life like a normal kid.”

As one of the founders of eSports in Nebraska, Ryan Hinds has known Bayley since he joined Elm Creek’s team in 2017.

“He is the most dedicated to this team and being one of the founders kinds of helps him with that too,” Hinds said. “He is just kind of crazy all the time and whenever he is playing he is super aggressive and you’re just like Chris. Oh my god.”

Bayley said he one day hopes to become a coach of a high school eSports team. For right now, he is enjoying his time playing “Super Smash Bros” for the Elm Creek eSports team.

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