**updated Jan 22, 2022**


 Game Lobby

The game should be set up by the home team with the following settings:

  • Match Selection – Conquest
  • Password – Chosen by hosting team captain
  • Team Size – 5v5
  • Starting Level – Level 1
  • Pause Type – Normal
  • Region – North America
  • Spectator Password – Chosen by hosting team captain
  • God Picking Method – Draft – 8 Bans
  • Starting Gold – 1500
  • Bonus Time – 0
  • Allow Spectators/Record Demo – On
  • Spawn Lane Minions – On
  • Low-Delay Spectate Mode – Off

In the event that an incorrect ruleset is loaded on the server, the match should be stopped and reset. Previously played games with incorrect format will not count towards the series.


All drafting will take place using the game’s built-in draft mode. Usage of 3rd party drafting methods may result in punishment for the players/teams involved.

The visiting team will have a choice of side for the first game. The loser of the game will have a choice of side for the next game.


The draft will proceed as follows:

Team 1=A Team 2=B

1st Bans: ABABAB

1st Picks: ABBAAB

2nd Bans: BABA

2nd Picks: BAAB

Outside apps or other programs

While we encourage and strongly promote the use of any tools for help in practice or recreational scrim; outside apps not found within the game itself are not to be used in matches. Any use of a program, script, or other item not found within the game client is strictly prohibited during match play. Players, teams, or coaches found in violation of this rule, may face disqualification or termination of the season. 

Any paper notes or penciled ideas are welcome

New Gods

New gods are not permitted in official matches until the god has been released for 2 weeks, or another New God is created before the end of the new two weeks.



Any gods, items, actives, and abilities, or emotes are prohibited from use in official matches if they are disabled in any ranked Conquest queues while they are disabled in those queues.

Stoppage of Play

The game may only be paused for the following reasons:

  • Player drop
  • Player disconnect
  • Server crash
  • Technical issues beyond players control (Power Outage, etc.)

Pauses may not be called during player versus player combat. A team must give a reason to their opponent immediately before or after the match is paused. Each team will have 5 total minutes of pause time per map as a general rule (Reminder trial run here), however consent from both teams must be given before the match is unpaused.

A game may only be restarted within the first 5 minutes of the game and before first blood for one of the stoppages of play reasons stated above. If a game is restarted, players must take the exact same champions, skins, runes, and Summoner spells. A game may only be restarted once per team per match.

Player Count

Both teams participating in a match must provide 5 players at the beginning of the first game. During a game, if a team should lose 2 players that have disconnected with the intention of no longer playing in the match at the same time, that team will forfeit the remainder of the game to the opposing team. If a team is not able to field the required number of players they will forfeit the remainder of the match.

Issues or discrepancy with play

Should there be an issue or problem during the course of the match that is not covered under the above rules, coaches may allow for stoppage of play between games until the issue can be resolved or agreed upon with resumption of play thereafter.

If no agreement can be reached, stop play, contact a board member and it will be counted as a loss for both teams. 


Toxicity and Unsportsmanlike behavior has no place in the Nebraska Schools Esports Association.  If unsportsmanlike, vulgar or toxic behavior should occur, the following proper steps should be taken by the coach of the team reporting the unsportsmanlike behavior. NOTE: Official complaints by coaches only will be accepted. Abuse of this system by coach, player or outside 3rd party may result in penalties to the reporting team. 

All participants are expected to uphold a universal level of sportsmanship while participating in NSeSA sanctioned events. Those who fail to behave in a sportsmanlike manner verbally, through chat, or actual physical  taunting and other inappropriate communication may face penalties at the discretion of NSeSA board members. 

Emoting, or in-game taunting such as Smash Bros that is built into the game are allowable as it adds a dynamic to the game that players must overcome. Use of an in-game taunt or emote that results in an inappropriate word or phrase may be considered bad sportsmanship and result in penalties. 

If you or any member of your team believes that you have experienced bad sportsmanship to an extreme degree or violation of the aforementioned rules, please do the following. 

  1. If possible record the poor sportsmanship at the time of the incident. 
  2. Finish the match regardless of outcome,
  3. Notify coach of the incident
  4. Notify the opposing coach of your intent to file a complaint of unsportsmanlike behavior. 
  5. Coaches only Submit an official complaint, viia Discord to a board member.

Should the result be proven to be unsportsmanlike disciplinary action will be taken with disqualification, and forfeitures noted.