StarCraft II

StarCraft II rules

Games will be played 1 vs. 1
Maps will be changed weekly and taken from ladder maps. Visit here for NSeSA schedule.

Each game will have the following settings:
Settings: Category-Melee Mode-1V1 Game Duration-25 minutes Game Speed-Faster
Locked Alliances-Yes Game Privacy-Normal

Each game will need the game duration changed to 25 minutes as the default setting is
infinite. Everything else is the default setting.

There will be a 3 minute gentleman’s agreement not to cross the center of the map with army
units or buildings set by the in-game timer. The timer is located in the lower left side of the
screen. Any player crossing the center of the map or building past the center before 3 minutes
will result in an immediate forfeit.

EXEMPTIONS: The following units may be used for scouting purposes pre-3-minutes:
Terran: SCV, scans from orbital command
Protoss: Probe, hallucinated phoenix from a sentry, observer
Zerg: Drone, Overlord, Overseer

Scouting units are not allowed to attack or block expansions. The defending player may attack
scouting units on their side of the map pre-3-minutes.

These rules are set in place to insure fair and competitive play for everyone. The rules ensure
that cannon rush, zerg rush, and proxy builds do not dominate the StarCraft 2 meta for