Getting Started

We want to start a team at our school.  Where do I begin?  What do I need to know?

Games Played

Clash Royale
Super Smash Bros Ultimate 2v2

Mario Kart 8
Overwatch 2

League of Legends
Rocket League
Fortnite 2v2 Box Fights

Equipment Needed

This varies. School computers work great for some gaming. Other equipment may include Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch consoles, controllers and headsets. Your school can purchase or members may choose to bring in their own to cut cost.


Regular season play will begin in September and teams will be paired for weekly competitions and will be played online from your school. Tournaments are held throughout the semester at different locations hosted by member schools.


School can choose to practice when they want but must practice from school.  There is no schedule or requirement.  Most NSeSA team practice on Tuesday and Thursday from 4:00-6:00.


Each school must have coach that is responsible for students during online and onsite games.  This can be a teacher, staff member, or parent as long as the school recognizes this person in the role.


A fee of $100 per school will be required to become a member of Nebraska Schools eSports Association (NSeSA).  The fee makes your teams eligible for the 8 games seasons and the state tournaments that are held at the end of each season.  If a school wishes to not pay the fee, they can still participate in exhibition games that will be set up by their school.  Schools not paying the fee will not be eligible for playoff and state tournaments.

Benefits of eSports

ESports takes a massive amount of communication and coordination among athletes. It allows for a deeper level of interaction and trains efficient communication. These skills honed in game readies students for life.

Ready To Start A Team?

Fill out this form and download the Application to get started.

Still have questions? Contact any of the Board Members for more information about eSports in Nebraska!