Rocket League

Rocket League

updated 10/2/22


  • Each school is allowed 2 Varsity Rocket League teams
  • Schools may change rosters throughout the season, game, match for what is best for their team
  • Teams will be set when Playoffs begin (see Rocket League Playoff section)

Game Set-up

  • Default 5 minute games with OT if a tie after regulation
  • Default color of Orange and Blue are used
  • If changing the name of teams, use school names

Regular Season Games

  • Standard 3v3.  If a team is short a player, they may play with 2
  • Matches Best 2 out of 3 (Coaches may agree to best of 1 for regular season competitions)

Game Disconnects

  • Should a player encounter bugs, intentional disconnections, computer crashes, or unintentional disconnections less than 60 seconds into the match or before the first goal of the game is made, the game may be restarted.
  • Any technical issues or bug encounters after the first 60 seconds or after the first goal, the match must be played through.


  • All matches must be played on the standard maps
  • Default for first or a common agreement
  • Loser picks next map (still must be a standard map)


  • Rocket League is Cross Platform and Cross Party
  • You may play on whatever system your school chooses
  • Players can use keyboard/mouse, Xbox, or PS4 style controller


  • All cars are useable


  • Teams can be changed throughout the season and players moved around
  • Once the Playoff starts, players may only play on one team


  • Every school qualifies for Playoffs
    • Games are Best 3 of 5 (unless coaches agreed to a best 2 of 3)
  • Once playoffs begin, Rosters will need to be set by each school’s coach.
  • Teams are allowed 4 players per varsity team. 3 players and an alternate. 
    • Team 1 alternate can be anyone from your team
    • Team 2 alternate can be anyone from your team besides a player from team 1
    • Alts may only participate on 1 team for the round that they were used.
    • Example Alt use:  your team #1 has players 1,2,3 and your team #2 has players 4,5,6.  For some reason player 3 needs to sit out.  Your alt is player 4.  That player can step in for the round of competition.  Then team #2 will be players 5,6,7.

Each team must continue to play competitively till the end. Demos are allowed to an extent as long as they are used properly. Over accessing demos without trying to score or set up set pieces can count for disqualification.

If games are scheduled to play, and a team is not present or able to play at the scheduled time, the team not present will forfeit the match and will be recorded as a loss.  This does not include instances of something out of the team’s control, ie snow day, technical difficulties, etc.