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Gretna high school esports team headed to regional competition

by Shirelle Moore, KPTM

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A sports team is making waves in the metro, but these athletes aren’t on a field.

Still, they’re known as a force to be reckoned with.

They’ve barely been around for a year but are already

getting a lot of buzz in competition and amongst college recruiters.

“They really came out and shocked us in the first game, but we rallied back, figured out, cleared out the coms came back and won,” says Ayden Taylor, Gretna high school senior and member of the Esports team.

A sport that takes cunning, strategy and skill, just like any other.

Although with this, the athletes stay put. Finding success with a flick of the thumb.

The sound of Gretna High’s cheer is loud because it’s latest win is sending the team to this week’s regionals.

“I love just playing games, having fun and the overall competitiveness. It’s just like, it’s a blast getting to know the team and hanging out with them as well as playing with them,” says Cuahtemoc Hernandez.

The sport uses a lot of different skills. Learning the game is just one part.

Athletes work on communicating, problem-solving, and leadership.

At Gretna, anyone can join the team.

Kimberly Ingraham-Beck, a sponsor for the team says, “We had a senior, juniors, and sophomores all on the same team and so they are all from different walks of life. Some are into sports, some are into band. Some are not into anything so this really brings them all together.”

People in the esports world say the industry will get bigger. Especially with colleges taking note.

“Getting involved in college it’s just like any other sport where it’s a vehicle to be able to go to college and use that scholarship money to help fun your way and get an education,” says Nathan Ragsdell, head coach for the Esports team at Midland University.

For the athletes, it’s all about helping each other in the game and in the real world.

Taylor says, “You can inspire young children who want to do the same thing. That’s kind of the biggest thing. I’m happy that I can be apart of the groundwork and build this program up and that’s what I’m hoping we can do.”

Gretna High School will have its next big tournaments this Wednesday and Thursday.

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