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Amherst Esports Tournament set for April 28th

Amherst Public Schools is excited to announce their Esports Tournament which will be held on Saturday, April 28th. Registration is at 9:00 AM, play begins at 10:00 AM.

Registration closes at Midnight on Thursday, April 26th —>

If you are interested in attending or participating please email Jason Stubbs (

Striv eSports is hoping to stream parts of the event pending the internet availability. The streaming information will be posted here and on our Twitch channel

League of Legends – Double Elimination Tournament
Super Smash Bros. – 2 v 2 Tournament

Teams participating from the following schools:
Amherst, Elm Creek, Broken Bow

Participants possibly attending from the following schools:
Ravenna, Alma, Pleasanton, St. Paul

10:00 AM | Registration begins- Second Floor of High School

10:30 AM | Tournament starts- Team 1 and Team 2 will compete in separate rooms.
(208 and 209) Viewing of the games will be in Rm 207 | Smash Tournament- Room 206

1:00 PM | Awards- Smash, Rm 207

1:15 PM | Smash- Open play – Room 206

5:30 PM | Awards- League, Rm 207 or commons if space is limited.

*additional note – Competitors should bring a sack lunch as there are no food
establishments available in town

Super Smash Bros. Tournament Rules
All information underlined is subject to number of registrants as may change the day of the
tournament to accommodate for time. Thanks!
Tournament Rules:
General Rules
• 3 stocks and 5 minutes
• Matches are best 2/3 (This will be based off numbers upon registration)
• Items set to OFF, Pause set to OFF
• Miis, amiibos, custom moves, equipment, and “random character select” are all banned
• Maximum time between games is 2 minutes
Stage selection
Gentleman’s Clause: Any stage can be chosen for a game if both players agree.
Allowable Stage List
Starters: Start on Town and City; Tiebreaker on Final Destination
Match Steps
First Game:
Starter Character Selection:
● Each team will select their character without advertising their choice to the opponent
(“blind pick”).
● DLC characters are NOT banned from this tournament. (In the event a console does not have the same DLC characters as the other consuls in use, DLC characters will return to
banned for the fairness of the tournament).
2. Proceed with set match – team will fight against other team until a victor arises
Remaining Games: (If we have additional games with the same pairs)
1. Character Selection:
• The winner of the previous game must stay the same characters as the match in which they won.
• The loser of the previous game may choose a new character.
2. Stage Selection:
• The loser of the previous game may choose the stage. It can be any map.
3. Match begins and players will once again play until either the time runs out or a single player’s
stocks have run out.
4. Resort back to steps 1 through 2 for the following matches.
5. Players report the results of the match(s) to the Tournament specialist.
Additional notes:
• The tournament will take place at the allotted time period; teams should arrive approximately 30 minutes before so that they can be sorted into the brackets.
• Teams who begin in the competition must finish as a team or they will not be eligible for the
championship round.
• If a team or player decides to cancel his or her slot in the tournament prior to the competition
start time they find a new teammate from the same school or a different school. If the teammate is from a different school, they will not be eligible for the grand prize.
• If a team or player is late or doesn’t show up to the tournament they will be eliminated from the
competition if the first round has already completed, the semi-final has already started, or the
championship match has already started.
• Wii U remotes and controllers will be provided by Elm Creek eSports. If you would like to bring
your own remote or controller, please check it in during check in. Only Gamecube and Wii U
remotes will be accepted.
• No food or drinks will be permitted while IN competition.
• Players will not be allowed cell phones during play
• The tournament will be a private event and the equipment will be dedicated to this event only.
• Alterations to the rules can occur prior to the tournament so please consider checking the
updated rules prior to the competition start time!

If you have further questions and or concerns please feel free to contact Josh Hughes at

League of Legends Tournament
All information underlined is subject to number of registrants as may change the day of the
tournament to accommodate for time. Thanks!
General Rules
● The game mode will be a 5v5 on Summoners Rift
● There will be 3 games played
● In the case 3 teams showing up, a round robin tournament will be created
● If 4 teams show up a tournament will be played single elimination with a best of 3 final
● Between games a 5 minute break will allow players to rest and coaches to put in substitutes
● Draft pick with NO BAN PHASE as to not target ban new players
● Team captains will meet to flip a coin to determine which side of the map they want after
that losing team gets to choose
● If for some reason there is a loss in network or other failure for several players the match
can be restarted
● If the situation occurs where all teams tie each other (1-1) the winner will be determined by
the shortest time taken to destroy the enemy Nexus.
● A spectator will be necessary to allow others to follow the game.
● Coaches will be able to talk with their team during the pick and ban phase of the game and
will leave once the loading screen has started. The coaches will then proceed to watch the
game and talk with parents explaining when necessary. Coaches will stand behind the
opposing teams players to watch the game and talk with parents.
● Players will not be allowed cell phones during play

Rules for Chat and Spamming
● Players will not use all chat to communicate across teams
● Over use of “Mastery Flashing”, taunt spamming, laugh spamming, and emote spamming
will be considered unsportsmanlike conduct (to be determined by coaches or referee)

Rules for Competitive play
Due to the range of beginner to intermediate players on the teams, the following rules are to
prevent the early taking advantage of a player who may be newer to League of Legends. These
strategies are uncommon in most professional play and thus prohibiting them will not hinder the
game play.

● No jungle invades at start of the game pre 3 minutes
● Standard lanes to start the game meaning no lane swap between bot and top or other lanes,
follow standard lanes of 1v1 in the top and mid lanes and 2v2 in the bot.

It should be stated that jungle invades can be used after the jungler has cleared their own jungle once or after the first gank or after the 3 minute mark (average clear time). This will allow new jungler to get comfortable and the team to not focus resources early to counter the pressure. The rules on lane swapping will apply until the 5 minute mark.

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