Clash Royale

Clash Royale 

**updated Nov 1, 2022**


  • Each school will be allowed to have 2 varsity teams.


  • Rosters will consist of 3 players on a team with 1 sub. 
  • Players should be ordered by their skill level from player 1 to player 3. Player 1 should be your best player and Player 3 should be your least skilled player on the team.


  • Each player must have 4 decks for their match. In order to use the dual format each player will need 4 decks. In each of their decks NO cards are allowed to be used in more than one deck. So all 4 decks must have different cards used.

Series Lengths

  • Round: Is won when one player has destroyed more towers than the other player within the time period (or 3 towers before the time period has ended). 
  • Game:  A best of 3 rounds between two players of opposite teams will be played for all 3 players. A winner is declared when one player has won 2 rounds out of the 3.
  • Match:  A regular match will consist of 1 game played by each individual on the team of 3. Whichever team wins 2 games (or more) wins the match. All 3 pairs of players MUST be played.


  • Player 1 from team A will play Player 1 from team B.  Player 2 from team A will play Player 2 from team B.  Player 3 from team A will play Player 3 from team B
  • Fewer than 3 players on a team: A team can play down a man. Missing 2 players will cause the match to be forfeited. Playing down a man will match the remaining players against the top 2 players from the opposing team.

Game Lobby

  • Prior to the match coaches from each team should contact each other to determine who is hosting the games.


  • Coaches will need to give opposing coaches their teams Clash Royale Friend Link.


  • Coaches will order their team based on rank within their team. Their opponents will do the same.  When competition day arrives, Players will match up 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3.

Game Lobby

  • Prior to the match coaches from each team should contact each other to determine who is hosting the games.

Setting up Match

  • After adding opponent, select their name and chose “Friendly Battle”  On that screen, choose “Duel Friendly Battle”

Disconnection during the matches

  • If a player disconnects before 1 tower has been destroyed or before 1 minute left in the map has occurred then the coach must point this out via Discord to the other coach. The session will then be ended and restarted from the beginning. The same deck MUST be used to replay the match. 
  • If a player disconnects after less than 1 minute left has occurred, the disconnected player may attempt to rejoin the game.
    • In the case that a player cannot rejoin the other player then the match will continue to its end. 
  • If a player disconnects during round 2 and the match needs to be restarted, the remaining matches can take place in regular 1v1 duels.  Same rules apply to matches.

Winning the Match

  • The team that wins the most individual games will be declared the winner. Each of the three matches will be played no matter the outcome of the other matches. 

Scoring the Match

  • Matches will be scored on LeagueOS.  Player A’s match will be placed in “Game 1” with the winner selected and the score set to the best of 3 series they played. Player B’s match under “Game 2”.  Player C’s match under “Game 3”.

Streamed matches

  • Teams can stream and are even encouraged for friends and family to enjoy. Spectators can occur during the matches.


  • With Clash Royale taunts occur with emotes. NO emotes are allowed to happen during the match. This will eliminate any and all toxicity during the matches.


  • Every school qualifies for Playoffs as long as they have not forfeited over 2 weeks
    • Games are Best 3 of 5 (unless coaches agreed to a best 2 of 3)
  • Once playoffs begin, Rosters will need to be set by each school’s coach.

If games are scheduled to play, and a team is not present or able to play at the scheduled time, the team not present will forfeit the match and will be recorded as a loss.  This does not include instances of something out of the team’s control, ie snow day, technical difficulties, etc.