updated 9/7/21

Match Format 

  • 1 vs 1
  • Best of 3

Match Protocol

  • Players must add the opposing player’s BattleTag
    • Click the “Social” button on the bottom left of the Hearthstone menu
    • Click the “Add Friend” button and enter the opposing player’s BattleTag.
    • Creating the Match
    • Navigate to your Friends list
    • Click the “Play” button to the to the right of the player’s BattleTag
    • Select “Standard Duel”


  • The winner of each match must retire the deck and may not play that deck again during the match. The opponent may choose to keep the same hero deck or change to a new one.


  • Must be in the standard format
  • No decks in the Wild format are permitted

Lateness Penalty

  • A player will automatically forfeit their match if they are not ready to play within 15 minutes of the agreed-upon match time.