• Each school will have 1 varsity team that counts toward the win-loss records.
  • The varsity team may consist of any 5 players whose ID’s have been entered into the official roster for that school.
  • The varsity team’s players may be changed from week to week.  No roster lock during the regular season.
  • Varsity games will be played as a custom game using the tournament draft format.
  • If a team is a no show for a scheduled game, that game will be considered a forfeit for that team.

JV Games

  • Each school may have multiple JV teams depending on numbers of students playing
  • JV games will be played as a custom game using ANY format that BOTH coaches agree on.  This includes: Tournament draft, Draft, and Blind pick. 
  • JV games are not counted towards the official win-loss records for the school.


  • Spectators are allowed.
  • No emotes, flashing mastery, or trash talking. Make sure your emotes are turned off before the game starts.  
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct will be dealt with swiftly and harshly on a case-by-case basis.  


  • Regular Season will run from January 27 through March 28th.  All school’s varsity team will compete in playoffs. Playoffs run from March 30th through April 13th as a single elimination tournament, seeding will be based on the win-loss records of each team.  Final four teams will compete at state on April 17th at a Location TBD.